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AKA Eye of Antares (on REwiki, defunct) / ETTiNGRiNDER (most places)

Tools of the trade

Some stuff I use.

  • ICY Hexplorer - A really good hex editor, works on most Windows from 9x through to modern ones

List of games I'm interested in seeing on this wiki

Games I am working on / have worked on

  • Abuse - Working on better documentation for formats / modding
  • Chasm: The Rift - An unofficial engine remake exists which might be a good place to look for further format information; the author probably understands the inner workings better than I do
  • Dark Legions - Still need to finish copying over info I put on REwiki some years ago
  • Star Goose - Basics of graphics and level format are now known.
  • Witchaven - Most formats are understood, sound system and save game format need work
  • Witchaven II - Most formats are understood, sound system and save game format need work

Games that I am aware of mods / modding info elsewhere that should be added or at least linked to

  • Blake Stone - Extant mods and utilities not yet documented on this wiki
  • Corridor 7 - Extant utilities not yet documented on this wiki
  • Dungeon Master - Most mods seem to use an unofficial Windows port but there might be some DOS format info / tools out there - check this
  • Master of Magic - Insecticide mod (bugfix), Caster of Magic mod
  • Warcraft - Custom scenarios were made by hacking savegame files, using a Windows 16-bit utility by BJ Pollard. A few other utilities like Stratlas and WarDraft may also have viewing functionality. Archive format may be shared with Warcraft II. Shareware/Demo version may have used an older format.
  • Warcraft II - file format docs exist, official map editor, some extant 3rd party tools

Games that are not currently on my plate but I might work on in the future or would be glad to see worked on in general

  • Alien Breed
  • Alien Rampage
  • Blackthorne (AKA Blackhawk in some versions)
  • CyClones - Possibly same/similar engine to Shadowcaster? There seems to be some knowledge on extracting images
  • Demon Stalkers - Comes with some editing capability, no surviving mods?
  • Fantasy Empires - Appears to share some similarities with Dark Legions so check for possible same formats
  • Gauntlet II - DOS port is competent, albeit with only PC speaker sound
  • Gods - A Java remake exists with level editing capacity but no modding for the original game that I am aware of
  • Iron Blood
  • Shadowcaster - A few things here and there are known, but more is needed to do more than just rip the resources

Windows 9x games

Not sure since it's a "DOS Game Modding Wiki" but the presence of The Adventures of Lomax seems to set some precedent that Windows 9x games aren't necessarily barred entry.

File formats

Full detailed specs for the following formats would be really useful to me.