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Welcome to the DOS Game Modding Wiki!

The goal of this wiki is to assist people wishing to modify DOS games (typically those released for the PC in the early 1990s) to create entirely new games. The wiki attempts to document all the file formats used by each game to assist programmers writing editing tools, as well as listing any existing tools that can already be used to modify the game.



File formats



The wiki is structured so that each game has its own summary page, which in turn branches out to other pages explaining things in more detail such as file formats and instructions for using modding tools.

If you find anything missing, incomplete or inaccurate among these pages, please fix it! To help prevent spam, you'll need to log in before you can edit pages - if you don't have an account, it's easy to create one. Have a quick look at the editing guidelines before your first edit so you know what we're expecting.

Don't forget that this site will only become a useful reference if all the modders out there lend a hand and contribute what they know! If you've got some info about modding a DOS game that's not yet listed, please create a new page for it!


If you are looking for help with a mod you are working on, or if you need assistance reverse-engineering a game, please drop by the Modding section of the RGB Classic Games forum and we'll try to help.

Current projects

These projects are under active development, and help is wanted by anyone who is able to contribute. If you have the skills to help out, please get involved! (Please also remove projects from this list once they are complete, or no longer being worked on.)