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So you have some information you'd like to contribute to the ModdingWiki? Great! Have a quick look over the notes below to ensure your work fits in well with the rest of the wiki.

Discussion pages

The discussion pages should be used for raising issues with the wiki page rather than the content itself, for instance if the information might be wrong or it's unclear. Lengthy discussions about reverse engineering and figuring out new information should take place on the RGB Classic Games modding subforum instead. This is also the best place to go for general discussion about the wiki, or indeed about modding in general.

Basic page editing

When editing pages, try to follow these basic rules:

  • This wiki is not a game encyclopedia, it is a repository of modding information. So it is not important to document every aspect of a game, as the focus is on information useful to modders. If the information would not be useful to someone wanting to modify a game, then it probably doesn't belong here.
  • Try to avoid using = level 1 headings = as they're reserved for the page title. == level 2 == and below are fine.
  • If there are gaps in the information you are adding, use the TODO template to flag what's missing. This template automatically adds pages to the TODO category so it's clear which pages still need work. The template is used like this:
    {{TODO|The purpose of this field is not yet known}}

Adding new games

When adding a new game, keep the main page in the same style as other games. Halloween Harry is a good example you can copy and paste to get started.

Make sure you only add games that have some kind of modding information available - we try to avoid creating pages for games that have no modding information at all. At the very least, the game page should include a list of the game's files and which format they are in.

Adding new file formats

Try to find a similar file format and copy it. Make sure you include the right infobox (which automatically adds your file format to the correct categories.)

Only create pages for those file types where at least some information on the format is available. A file format page with no information on the file format will not help any modders. It is fine to create a page where only some information is known, and update the page as you reverse engineer more of the file format, but try to make sure the information listed is substantive. If the page only contains a short note that is immediately obvious anyway, it's still not going to be very helpful.

Uploading images

  • Use image categories on images you upload. If you're unsure which categories to use, edit an existing image (click on it and go to the edit tab) and copy out the description text. Find an image being used in the same way your new image will be to get the correct categories, or browse the image categories.
  • Use native resolution for screenshots. Typically this will be 320×200 for the majority of games. Very small images (less than 32×32) may be double-sized if needed to illustrate a point, but generally it's preferred that all images be in their native style, with no filters or resizing applied.