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Hi, I'm Niko, a software engineer working in the music tech industry. Way back in 2006, I discovered Dave Bollinger's Duke Nukem II specs on the internet. This fascinated me greatly and inspired me to create a level editor for the game, based on the specs and some reverse engineering effort to fill in the gaps. I never publicly shared this level editor (and there are much better options out there nowadays), but I kept doing little game file format reverse engineering projects from time to time.

Fast forward to 2016, I learned about reverse-engineered game engine recreation projects like ReDuke, Omnispeak and Commander Genius, and others. Again, I was intrigued, and I started my own project: RigelEngine, a recreation of Duke Nukem II's engine. This wiki was a great help in getting all the file format reading code to work (and I've made sure to reference it in my source code wherever applicable :)). As I dug deeper and deeper into the original game's assembly code, I discovered the answers to a few open questions that were still on some of the wiki pages, and other information that's not here yet. Since the wiki was such a great help for my project, I'm now contributing back to it by filling in these missing gaps with what I've learned from working on my project.