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Dynamix BMP Format

I've been trying to implement the compression described on The Incredible Machine image format in Engie File Converter, but I can't quite figure it out. I got all the files, but so far, none of my decompression attempts give correct results.

I figured out that the 2-byte 00 commands are little-endian: the second byte's 6-bit value need to be upshifted by 6 bits and added to the first byte's 6-bit value. This wasn't mentioned on the page. Also, the offsets chunk seems to be called "OFF:", not "OFS:".

Could you give a specific decoding example for each of the commands? Because the things I decode all seem correct, but the end result is just a mess.

-Nyerguds (talk) 00:55, 28 January 2021 (UTC)

I figured it out in the end. The command '0' simply increases the write pointer by (width-6bitarg). The fact you incorporated the background fill and the zoom into your decoding algorithm made the whole thing a bit too complex, and this is kind of reflected in the explanation you put on the page. Personally, I opted for decoding everything into an 8-bit buffer, and compacting that to 4-bit in a post-decompression operation. As you can imagine, this removes all the juggling with nibbles.
By the way, in Heart of China I encountered more of these SCN/OFF files, however, they all have a value much larger than 0xF as first byte. I don't see any logic or meaning in the extra 4 bits, but if I just chop them off with a bitwise AND operation, the decompression works as it should.
However, seeing as all of the formats used inside .BMP clearly exist in multiple games, and a cleanup of the Stellar 7 RES Format page is long overdue, I would like to move the "The Incredible Machine image format" page to a more general "Dynamix BMP Format" page in the future. Then all compression types found in these .BMP files can be documented on the same page.
-Nyerguds (talk) 03:58, 28 January 2021 (UTC)