NNV Format

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NNV Format
Format typeArchive
Max files255
File Allocation Table (FAT)Embedded
Supports compression?No
Supports encryption?No
Supports subdirectories?No
Hidden data?Yes

The NNV format is used to store audio data for Nomad. The archive format itself is trivial, but the contained audio data requires delta decoding.

File format


The file starts with a single field indicating the number of files present.

Data type Description
BYTE numFiles File count

File entry

After the single byte file count, the following structure is repeated numFiles times. As each entry includes both an offset and a size, it is possible (in theory) for two different files to share the same data, for a file to be zero-length, or to insert “hidden” data between files.

Data type Description
UINT32LE offset Offset within the .NNV archive at which this file's data starts
UINT32LE size Size of the contained file

Audio data format

The sound data itself is encoded with a 4-bit delta PCM scheme. It represents a single channel of unsigned 8-bit PCM audio intended for playback at 7042Hz. See Nomad Sound Format.