Eye of the Beholder Save Game Format

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Eye of the Beholder Save Game Format
Format typeSaved game
Save locationsUnknown
Elements saved?

The Eye of the Beholder Save Game Format is used to store the player settings and game details of Eye of the Beholder. A similar format is used in Eye of the Beholder 2, but Eye of the Beholder 3 uses a different format.

File format

The file format doesn't have a header.


Each save game houses 6 character slots, whether they are used or not.

Data type Description
UINT8 Character Id Character number (0-5).
UINT8 Active Active character flag (0 - Inactive, 1 - Active).
CHAR[11] Name Character name, null terminating, max 10 characters.
UINT8 Modified Strength Current strength value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Strength Character's unmodified strength.
UINT8 Modified Exceptional Strength Current exceptional strength value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Exceptional Strength Character's unmodified exceptional strength.
UINT8 Modified Intelligence Current intelligence value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Intelligence Character's unmodified intelligence.
UINT8 Modified Wisdom Current wisdom value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Wisdom Character's unmodified wisdom.
UINT8 Modified Dexterity Current dexterity value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Dexterity Character's unmodified dexterity.
UINT8 Modified Constitution Current constitution value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Constitution Character's unmodified constitution.
UINT8 Modified Charisma Current charisma value with buffs or curses.
UINT8 Base Charisma Character's unmodified charisma.
UINT8 Hit Points Character's current hit points.
UINT8 Max Hit Points Character's maximum hit points.
INT8 Armor Class Signed for negative values. Gets recalculated as you change armor.
BYTE Unknown Unknown.
UINT8 Race 0 - Human Male, 1 - Human Female, 2 - Elf Male, 3 - Elf Female, 4 - Half-Elf Male, 5 - Half Elf Female, 6 - Dwarf Male, 7 - Dwarf Female, 8 - Gnome Male, 9 - Gnome Female, A - Halfling Male, B - Halfling Female
UINT8 Class 0 - Fighter, 1 - Ranger, 2 - Paladin, 3 - Mage, 4 - Cleric, 5 - Thief, 6 - Fighter/Cleric, 7 - Fighter/Thief, 8 - Fighter/Mage, 9 - Fighter/Mage/Thief, A - Thief/Mage, B - Cleric/Thief, C - Fighter/Cleric/Mage, D - Ranger/Cleric, E - Cleric/Mage
UINT8 Alignment 0 - Lawful Good, 1 - Neutral Good, 2 - Chaotic Good, 3 - Lawful Neutral, 4 - True Neutral, 5 - Chaotic Neutral, 6 - Lawful Evil, 7 - Neutral Evil, 8 - Chaotic Evil
UINT8 Portrait Character's artwork.
UINT8 Food % Percentage of satiated hunger (00-64).
UINT8 Level Character level.
UINT8 Level Multi-Class 1 Character level for multi-class (like fighter/thief).
UINT8 Level Multi-Class 2 Character level for multi-class (like fighter/thief/mage).
UINT32LE Experience Character's experience.
UINT32LE Experience Multi-Class 1 Character's experience for multi-class.
UINT32LE Experience Multi-Class 2 Character's experience for multi-class.
BYTE Unknown Unknown.

... More to come. Active spells, learned spells, memorized spells, equipment, armor, weapons, etc.

Additional Data

The file contains a large portion of yet unknown data. It most likely explored map data, monsters on the current level, and any completed plot events.


This format was reverse engineered by TheAlmightyGuru. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)