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Dangerous Dave 2
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Dangerous Dave 2, also known as Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion (DDitHM) is the second installment of the popular Dangerous Dave series (Third if DDiCI is counted.) Following Dangerous Dave and preceding Dangerous Dave 3: Dave's Risky Rescue.

In this installment Dave must rescue his younger brother Delbert from the Haunted Mansion. The game was severely cut down to fit onto a floppy disk and meet the release date, and so lacks appreciable story elements. The game was made utilizing a modified version of the Commander Keen 1-3 engine and thus uses many formats similar to Keen, though usually with more advanced compression.

File formats

This section lists the major file formats used in the game.


Dangerous Dave 2 stores the header and LATCH internally in the executable at 74896 and 101096 respectively (in the UNLZEXE'd executable.) Tiles are stored in a separate file EGATILES.DD2. Since each tile may or may not be loaded in a level depending on whether it's needed, the tile file is composed of 858 128-byte entries, each containing 4-EGA planes for the tile.

Shadow Knights, published just weeks later uses the Dave engine also and is even more similar than Keen.

Dave 2 is intermediate in development between Commander Keen 1-3 and Commander Keen Dreams which followed it. Though basic, it makes use of several changes in format that are used in later Keen games.


The following tools are able to work with this game.

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