Dave 2 Tileset format

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Dave 2 Tileset format
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Format typeTileset
Max tile count150
PaletteDefault EGA
Tile names?No
Minimum tile size (pixels)16×16 ! Confirm
Maximum tile size (pixels)16×16 ! Confirm
Plane count4
Plane arrangementGraphic-planar
Transparent pixels?No
Hitmap pixels?No
Supports sub-tilesets?No
Compressed tiles?No
Hidden data?No

The file TILES.DD2 contains the tileset for Dangerous Dave 2 (Also known as Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion.) It enables the game to use the Commander Keen 1-3 engine while being able to load only the tiles needed in a level, like later games such as Commander Keen Dreams.

The file is Raw EGA data but with each graphic being divided into four planes, rather than the whole file. Thus each (Regular sized) tile is a separate graphic, and the game can load them individually. (With the effect that unlike Keen, there is a limit of about 150 different tiles that can be used in a level.)

This format is also used in Shadow Knights.


This file format was reverse engineered by Andrew Durdin and independently by Levellass. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)