Dangerous Dave 3

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Dangerous Dave 3
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Dangerous Dave 3, or Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue is the sequel to Dangerous Dave 2 Dave in the Haunted Mansion, and the third in the Dangerous Dave series. It is followed by Dangerous Dave 4: Dave Goes Nutz.

In this installment Dave must rescue his younger brother Delbert again, this time from Dr Nemesis who has kidnapped him and trapped him in a remote castle. Like most Dave games, the story is scant at best.

Like Commander Keen Dreams who's engine it uses, there is no music in the game, and indeed the game is a cut-down version of Dreams, with saved games starting at the beginning of a level, fewer sounds and tiles, and almost no story.

File formats


Dave 3 uses the compressed version of the AudioT Format to store sound. The main audio file for the game is called AUDIO.DD3. The associated AUDIOHED and AUDIODCT files are stored in the executable.

There is no music in the game and there were no plans to include it, unlike in Keen Dreams.