Bodyworks Voyager Savegame Format

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Bodyworks Voyager Savegame Format
Format typeSaved game
Save locationsHub location between levels
Elements savedMission number, Difficulty, Rank, Awards

The SAVEGAME.DAT file of Bodyworks Voyager contains all fifty possible saved games the game can manage inside one file. It does not expand, but simply contains all 50 entries from the start.

The bulk of the space in each entry is taken up by the save name and player name, leaving only 15 bytes of actually saved game information.

The single entries have the following structure:

Offset Data type Name Description
0x00 ASCIIZ[0x29] SaveName Savegame name. Is padded with spaces to the full length, and zero-terminated at byte 0x28.
0x29 ASCIIZ[0x1F] PlayerName Name of the player. Zero-terminated.
0x48 UINT8 PilotLevel Pilot level. 0 = "Cadet", 1 = "Veteran", 2 = "Top Gun".
0x49 UINT8 QuizLevel Quiz level. 0 = "Beginner", 1 = "Intermediate", 2 = "Advanced".
0x4A UINT8 Medal1 (Boolean) Medal: Good Samaritan Medal
0x4B UINT8 Medal2 (Boolean) Medal: Red Cross
0x4C UINT8 Medal3 (Boolean) Medal: Humanitarian Award
0x4D UINT8 Medal4 (Boolean) Medal: Star of Mercy
0x4E UINT8 Medal5 (Boolean) Medal: Hippocratic Star
0x4F UINT8 Medal6 (Boolean) Medal: Hope Cluster
0x50 UINT8 Medal7 (Boolean) Medal: Surgeon General's Cross
0x51 UINT8 Unknown51 Unknown.
0x52 UINT8 Rank 0 = "Ensign", 1 = "Lieutenant Junior Grade", 2 = "Lieutenant", 3 = "Lieutenant Commander", 4 = "Commander", 5 = "Captain", 6 = "Commodore", 7 = "Admiral".
0x53 INT16LE MissionNumber Mission number. Minimum is 1. Setting this to 0xFFFF makes the savegame act as empty slot.
0x55 UINT8 Unknown55 Unknown.
0x56 UINT8 Unknown56 Unknown. Is put on 1 by default when saving after starting a new game, but changing it seems to have no effect.

It is unknown whether the rank of Commodore is actually accessible in the game; it may be unlocked when finishing the entire game. However, the "Welcome to mission control, Commodore" voice clip (MC07.VOC) is clearly lower quality than the rest.

The rank of Admiral is not accessible in the game. This rank plays the Commodore mission control announcement some of the time, while in other situations it plays a beep sound (MC08.VOC) reminiscent of the Road Runner cartoon. As Admiral, the achievements window will show the Good Samaritan Medal as pips image before the rank text, since there is no eighth pips image inside the MEDALS.VGS file, and the following frames in the file are the medal graphics.

The following data still needs to be found:

  • "Tour of duty": when finishing the game, you start a "second tour" with the rank reset and the difficulty increased to the next level, and some special features unlocked. There are three tours in total. So far, experiments with changing the unknown values (or overflowing the PilotLevel / QuizLevel / MissionNumber ones) have given no results.
  • Weapon upgrades. Unlike the other data, there seems to be no easy way to check this in the Mission Control hub. Despite the game claiming that the ship gets upgrades at specific points, it may simply be defined per mission, and not be an actual saved statistic.