AMP Format (Dark Legions)

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The action sequence maps used by Dark Legions use a simple format that contains an array of tile indices, 240 bytes in length. When combat starts, an action map is randomly chosen from the set of files appropriate to the terrain that combat is taking place on.

Some larger .AMP files installed by the game are actually in the .MAP format, but these long-form .AMPs are useless to the game and can be ignored. They appear to be a relic of development that was not cleaned up.


Offset Type Purpose
0x0000 array of UINT8 20 × 12 map of tile indices, column-major

The tiles for these scenes are 32 × 32 pixels. Depending on terrain, one of several .GIF files is used for the tile set graphics:

  • BARREN01.GIF - water
  • BARREN02.GIF - grass and forest
  • BARREN03.GIF - sand and rocky
  • BARREN04.GIF - burnt