Word Rescue Saved Game Format

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Word Rescue Saved Game Format
Format typeSaved game
Save locationsReturned to level start
Elements savedScore, gender, word list, difficulty, key assignments

There is one file in Word Rescue Saved Game Format for each person who has created a player in Word Rescue. The files are the same as the player's name, with a .wr1 extension, so a player called "Bob" will have a file called bob.wr1.

A player cannot have the name "High" as this conflicts with the high-scores file high.wr1. Giving a player this name will crash the game.

File format

The file is arranged as follows:

Data type Name Description
UINT16LE level Level number the player is in, starting from zero.
UINT16LE gender 0=male player, 1=female player
UINT32LE wordoffset Offset into the word list file form where the next words are to be read
UINT32LE score Current score
ASCIIZ[7] words Seven variable-length null-terminated words
UINT16LE difficulty 0=easy, 1=medium, 2=hard
UINT16LE keys 0=default keys, 1=custom keys follow
BYTE[5] scancodes Custom key scancodes. If keys=0, this field not present at all.
BYTE joystick 0=joystick off, 1=joystick on


  • The level number is zero-based, so a value of 0x01 means the player is in the second level.
  • The score is updated when exiting the game, even though restoring a saved game starts the level from the beginning.
  • Changing the unknown value seems to have no effect.
  • The files are overwritten rather than truncated, so often there are a few extra 0x00 bytes at the end from earlier longer versions


This file format was reverse engineered by Malvineous. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)