Wing Commander Save Game Format

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Wing Commander Save Game Format
Format typeSaved game
Save locationsUnknown
Elements savedMission, Sorties, Kills, Time, Badges, Aces met

! Need to update this page to match ModdingWiki style and data types

All the numbers shown here are decimal. All information present here was reverse-engineered by using the WCSAV editor by David S. "Center" Raley. The file data is not complete. If you add up offsets and lengths, you will recognize gaps.

Wing Commander supports eight savegames, one savegame is 828 bytes in length. The following offsets are known so far. For savegame #2, add 828 (and so on).

Description Offset Length Comments
Name 0 14 0-terminated string
Savegame slot used? 17 1 0=empty slot, 1=used slot (empty slots seem to contain garbage)
Scoreboard 18 56 per pilot. The scoreboard is contained in the savegame file fully (including names, ranks, etc)

The Scoreboard block is repeated 8 times, the player being the last entry

Description Offset Length Comments
Pilot Name 0 13 Offset is relative to the one described for "Scoreboard".
Callsign 14 13 Changing Callsign is visible on the Scoreboard, but not in the rest of the game. Changing name is visible nowhere, I think.
Rank 16 2
Sorties 18 2
Kills 20 2
Description Offset Length Comments
Nr of Bronze Stars 364 1 (in WCSAV, the maximum is 20)
Nr of Silver Stars 365 1 (in WCSAV, the maximum is 20)
Nr of Gold Stars 366 1 (in WCSAV, the maximum is 20)
Golden Sun received 367 1
Status Pilot 1 392 2 the pilot order is the same as with name and callsigns above.
Status Pilot 2 394 2 so you should be able to find out easily, who is who
Status Pilot 3 396 2
Status Pilot 4 398 2
Status Pilot 5 400 2
Status Pilot 6 402 2
Status Pilot 7 404 2
Status Pilot 8 406 2
Current Day 412 2?
Promotion 420 2 Are these Promotion points?
Current Mission 381 1 Zero-Based. ie S1M1 is 0, S1M2 is 1, etc
Current Series 382 1 One-Based. ie S1M1 is 1, S2M1 is 2, etc
Status of Ace Bhurak 408 1 0A=KIA, 01=not seen, 29=fled
Status of Ace Dakhath 409 1 0A=KIA, 01=not seen, 29=fled
Status of Ace Khajja 410 1 0A=KIA, 01=not seen, 29=fled
Status of Ace Baktosh 411 1 0A=KIA, 01=not seen, 29=fled
Victory Points 424 2
Campaign 426 1 0=Vega Campaign, 1=Secret Missions. Haven't checked yet which value SM2 is


This file format was reverse engineered by Martin Gutenbrunner. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)