Wacky Wheels Configuration Format

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Wacky Wheels Configuration Format
Format typeSaved game and Configuration
StoringScore, sound
Save locationsOn world map only
Elements savedScore, items

This page describes the wacky.cfg file format used in Wacky Wheels.

Most of the information in wacky.cfg can be set using the setup.exe program that ships with Wacky Wheels. Setup.exe can also generate a new wacky.cfg file. Wacky.cfg also contains saved game information.

Editing saved games

Wacky Wheels can store two saved games: a single player race and a two-player race. Each saved game can be enabled or disabled—if a game is enabled, then when selecting that race type from the Wacky Wheels main menu, you are prompted to either restore the saved game or start a new game.

The command-line program wwsave can edit Wacky Wheels saved games. It can be compiled for Windows or Linux, and presumably other operating systems including Mac:

Saved games are stored in wacky.cfg using INT32LE integers at the following offsets. P1 designates player one, and P2 designates player two.

Single-player race Description Two-player race
866 Saved game enabled (0=disabled, 1=enabled) 8DA
876 Race type (1=amateur, 2=pro, 3=champ, 4=time trial, 5=sort of like kid mode). If you set the race type to time trial, only the first six laps are recorded, but your overall time is for all laps. If the number of laps is less than six, any laps that you didn’t race have will get a time of zero seconds. 8EA
872 Number of laps. A zero lap race ends when you cross the finish line before the first lap. If you set the number of laps to a negative number, the race ends as soon as it starts, and you get first place. 8E6
958 Horsepower (1=12HP, 2=6HP) 95A
87A Course group (1=bronze, 2=silver, 3=gold). 8EE
95C Course pack (0=regular races, 3=bonus pack) 95E
87E Course number (1–5) 8F2
86A and 8A2 Your character type (0=Uno, 1=Sultan, 2=Morris, 3=Peggles, 4=Razer, 5=Ringo, 6=Blombo, 7=Tigi). Both of these bytes should be the same number. P1: 8DE and 916
P2: 8E2 and 91A
8A6–8BE Opponents’ character types. Use the numbers listed above. 91E–932
882 Your points P1: 8F6
P2: 8FA
886–89E Opponents’ points 8FE–912
8C2 Number of hedge hogs. You can’t save hedgehogs in a two player race.
8C6 Item held. (0=nothing, 3=fire, 4=devil pups, 5=bomb, 6=oil, 7=upside down hog, 8=ice). If you hit an upside down hog, your steering reverses, but the screen doesn’t turn upside down like it does in shootouts. Opponents spin out when they hit one. You can’t save an item in a two player race.
Two-player race type (1=race head to head, 2=race with all cars) 94E

The information in the above table is an expanded and corrected version of the information in the Apogee FAQ.