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Levels?Tick.png Editable
Tiles?X mark.svg Not editable
Sprites?X mark.svg Not editable
Fullscreen?Tick.png Editable
Sound?Tick.png Editable
Music?Tick.png Editable
Text?X mark.svg Not editable
Story/cutscenes?X mark.svg Not editable
UI/menus?X mark.svg Not editable

Trugg is a Boulder Dash style game with 256-colour graphics and digital music and sound effects. It appears to have been written in part to publicise the development studio, however it used a few third-party libraries to handle core aspects of the game, resulting in somewhat bloated file formats, non-standard screen resolutions and a general sluggishness, which leads the game to have less of an enthusiast feel and more of a commercial one.


The following tools are able to work with this game.

Name PlatformGroup/archives Levels Graphics Music Sounds Text Saves .exe patch Notes
Camoto Linux/WindowsN/ANoSomeEditNoNoNoNo
Trugedit DOSN/AEditNoNoNoNoNoNo Included with registered version of game
DSIK conv.exe DOSN/ANoNoCreateNoNoNoNo Included with DSIK library
OpenMPT WindowsN/ANoNoImportNoNoNoNo

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
sound.cfg DSIK Config Format Audio settings
*.dsm DSIK Module Format Background music
*.dwl Digital Workshop Library Sprites/tiles (assumed)
PCX Format 320×240 256-colour full screen images, used on the episode selection screen
*.map Trugg Level Format Level data, one per episode
*.sx? WAV Format Sound effects, only 8-bit unsigned mono PCM is supported by DSIK