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Tool Infobox
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This template is used to display an information box containing details about a modding utility. See SBTimbre for example use.

Valid parameters and examples are:

Parameter/example Purpose Valid values
Image = Program.png Image showing the program being used Use the default name wherever possible (i.e. do not use this option unless you have to)
Platform = Value Platform the program runs on DOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.
Release = 2000-01-02 Original release date yyyy-mm-dd
Homepage = [http:// ...] Homepage Omit if unknown
Download = [http:// ...] Direct download links Omit if unknown
Edit1 = Type
Edit5 = Type
Type of editor One per tag of Instrument, Sound, Music, Map, Extraction, Graphics, Text (the values are used to add to appropriate subcategories on Category:Modding Tools)
Games = {{Game|GameName}} {{Game|GameName}} Name of all games that use this format Any wiki page name, as a parameter to the Game template

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted, so do not use any parameters unless the value is known (most of the defaults say "unknown")