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TODO: Mention 0xBD port normally has bits 6 and 7 set, and that you need to write 0x20 to port 0x01 to enable the wavesel bits (wavesel sits at port 0xE0 I think.) This is undocumented on OPL2, but exists on OPL3. You still need to do it on OPL2 though it seems.

Default instruments

It is mentioned on the page that songs from Word Rescue rely on the default instruments. I found out that versions 1.x of Word Rescue and Math Rescue used different playback routines than versions 2.0 and above (2.0 uses WORX, which is was also used in many Epic games). I think the music sounds slightly different with the new routines, and there was also a bug in the 1.x version that messed up the music on fast CPUs. Might be worth checking out if both playback implementations give you the same default instruments. --K1n9 Duk3 (talk) 15:38, 10 October 2016 (UTC)