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Super ZZT
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Super ZZT is an object-oriented game scripting engine created by Tim Sweeney. It is based on the same code as ZZT, with a number of notable improvements and changes. There were 3 worlds released with the commercial version of the game: PROVING, FOREST, and MONSTER. The shareware version of Super ZZT came with just MONSTER.

Debug mode

In all versions, the cheat menu can be opened by pressing ? and typing in a code during gameplay. Using the +debug cheat enables the display of how much memory is available on the heap, in bytes. In the upper-left corner, it will show the letter 'm' followed by this value. OOP code on the currently shown board and the game's entire compressed board data consume heap memory.


While Super ZZT features a world editor, it was considered too buggy for release and was hidden from users. However, the ZZT community was eventually able to locate the command line switch to enable the use of the built-in editor. It can be enabled from the command line using "SUPERZ /E" to start the game, and then opened by pressing "E" at the title screen.


The latest version of the game is v2.0. The only other known version is v1.1. There are no observable differences between the two versions of the game aside from the opening and closing screens.

Version File Size (decompressed)
1.1 53,924 (108,288)
2.0 54,076 (109,072)

File formats