Shakii The Wolf

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Shakii The Wolf
Shakii The Wolf.png
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Shakii, full title Shakii the Wolf is a platformer made by the Korean company Family Production released in 1996. Shakii, the king of the kingdom Shake was chased out of his land by the evil king, Midnight Sword. Shakii must defeat Midnight Sword's minions and eventually the evil king himself to return peace to his land.

File formats

File name Description
*.cfg Game settings.
*.pal 6-bit VGA Palette.
*.voc,*.eft RIFF Wave, Creative Voice File and raw 8-bit unsigned, 8000 sample rate sounds.
*.bgf BGE font file.
*.raw Raw VGA graphics.
*.fnt Fonts.
*.bnk BNK Format (Ad Lib).
SH_*.kpf,S-STOUT.KPF IMS Format
ST*.KPF, KGE files.
STG#_*.KPF Stage Backgrounds.
*.bun,*.mjd Family Production Frame File.
*.fx4 V4 Family Production Image Container.
*.fx5 V5 Family Production Image Container.
*.map Shakii Map File.
*.tad Unknown, deals with stages.
*.mbd Unknown, deals with sprites.
*.ind Index file, see Pee and Gity for more information.
*.epd Unknown, deals with stages.
*.dac Scene data.
*.dat Raw storage of various filetypes.
FX3.dat Lists objects during game running.
*.id Identification file, contains only "family" and many zeros.

Interesting Facts

- 16.EFT's header line is "Jeannie Blink" and is in fact that very sound from the TV series "I Dream of Jeannie". It is also a Mac FSSD despite this being a PC-DOS title.