Pee and Gity

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Pee and Gity
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Released in 1994, Pee And Gity is a brawler/beat em' up with cutesy anthropomorphic animals. The key characters being Pee the Squirrel, and Gity the Snake. The story, though in Korean, seems to be that Pee and Gity's house has been ransacked by evil forces and when they go to investigate they are ambushed by the forces of an evil being known as Herus who proceeds to transport them around.

There exists two versions of the game, Pee & Gity, and an updated version called Pee & Gity Special. The original featured more story elements but the Special version featured updated/added mechanics and some graphical tweaks.

File formats

File name Description
*.cfg Game settings.
*.hsv 6-bit VGA Palette Container, programs like FileSplitter can break them into 768-byte chunks and recombine.
*.dat Raw storage of various filetypes.
*.ind Index for raw storage *.dat files.
*.voc Header is "Saintcom Voice File" but otherwise they are just usual VOC Files with dummied out version and checksum
*.fx4 V4 Family Production Image Container.
*.fsm ROL Format music.
*.fs2 BNK Format (Ad Lib).
*.fbk "Background Data".
*.dac Scenes it seems in FX4 format.

DAT and IND files

Each DAT container has an index of the same name. Indexes are extremely simple:

Data type Name Description
UINT32LE Pointer States the end of previous file, start of next. 45 EF 00 00 = 0xEF45 or byte 61253 in DAT file.

Pee and Gity Special

Some changes occured in the formats used between the two versions, the affected formats were:

File name Description
*.voc RIFF Wave, Creative Voice File, "Saintcom Voice File", and raw.
*.f Compressed graphics for maps.
*.map Family Production Map.
*.dac Format changed, still seems to be scenes.
*.pcx PCX Format.
*.fnt Font file.
*.fsm IMS Format

Music Format Theory

The presence of AdLib Visual Composer ROL files in the first Pee & Gity suggests that the Family Production Music format is based on the ROL format. Makes sense for the time as IMF was born in the same manner but unlike IMF, the instrument synthesis bank (BNK) remained separate.


ROL2CMF this command-line tool can convert ROL files to CMF Format but with seeming quality loss.

I have made a VERY simple QuickBMS script for extracting most FX4 files from FX4.DAT. It doesn't snag the final file so far, however, but saves a lot of hex digging. The FX4s can be used in other Family Production titles but will naturally suffer color problems.