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! Review mods and add info/pretty up the page to proper standards.

Extant Mods

1.50 unofficial patch - [1]
Bugfixing and improved modding.

ICE - [2]

VDC (Very Difficult Choice) by Overlord2 - [3]

WarMoo by PK - [4]

Mictian Mod by Mika Laaja- [5]
Unusually based on the Windows 95 EXE version.

Lost Mods?

Working downloads haven't been found for these and it's possible they have been permanently lost.

DC (Difficult Choice) by Siron
A rebalancing mod. VDC can be considered a spiritual successor but also takes its own approach to some things.

DD (DemoDict)
Aimed at making Dictatorship and Democracy picks more competitive.

See also [6]