Major Stryker Save Game Format

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Major Stryker Save Game Format
Format typeSaved game
Save locationsUnknown
Elements savedlevel, items, lives, difficulty, score

The Major Stryker Save Game Format is used to store a saved game Major Stryker, up to 10 in total. Each save will be named 'SR*.MS', with the asterisk replaced for letter A-J for save slot 0-9 respectively, though there is also a letter N used to hold the list of names corresponding to each save slot file.

File format


The file begins with a single byte checksum in order to prevent tampering. The checksum is generated by summing most of the bytes in the save game file into a byte value, and throwing away the overflow. The first byte (the checksum itself) and the last two bytes of the file are excluded from this sum. The same algorithm is used to calculate the checksum of the HS Format (Major Stryker).

Data type Name Description
BYTE checksum Checksum of the file.


Data type Name Description
INT16LE Fire power level 0x01: Single shot forward
0x02: Double shot forward
0x03: Triple shot forward
0x04: Triple shot forward cone
0x05: Triple shot forward cone + Single rear
0x06: Triple shot forward cone + Single rear + Single side
INT16LE Lives Count
BYTE Shield level 0x00: No shield
0x01: Side shields
0x02: Spinning shields
0x03: Bubble
INT16LE Burst level Level is minus 1. (0x00-0x07 represents 1-8 respectively.)
INT16LE Zap bombs Count
BYTE Level 0x00-0x23 for level 1-36 respectively. (0x00-0x0B for Lava planet, 0x0C-0x17 for Arctic planet, and 0x18-0x23 for Desert planet.)
BYTE Skill 0x01: Beginner
0x02: Novice
0x03: Expert
INT16LE Enemies total Number of enemies encountered in all previous levels combined
INT16LE Enemies killed Number of enemies killed in all previous levels combined
INT16LE Men total Number of cryogenic tubes encountered in all previous levels combined
INT16LE Men saved Number of captured humans freed in all previous levels combined
CHAR[...] Score Player's score as an ASCII string, EOF terminated.

Save slot names file format


Each save slot is represented in the save slot names file by up to 24 bytes sequentially. There is no header or footer. Data is per-slot, with each following slot concatenated to its previous slot.

Data type Name Description
CHAR Slot number Number is in ASCII (0x30-0x39 representing slots 0-9 respectively), space (0x20) terminating.
CHAR[0-22] Slot name Save slot name up to 20 characters, CRLF (0x0D,0x0A) terminating.


This save game format was reverse engineered by Adambean and K1n9_Duk3. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)