Jazz Jackrabbit Saved Game Format

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Jazz Jackrabbit Saved Game Format
Format typeSaved game
Save locationsUnknown
Elements savedUnknown

The saved game format for Jazz Jackrabbit is exceedingly complex and the files themselves contain the string 'Figure diz out, greetz arjan' an open invitation from the game's programmer to try and crack it.

Games contain a lot of 'gibberish' taken from memory when the game is saved, and are of a variable length. The only thing constant is the game name at the file start (17 bytes.) The file itself contains several data bytes hidden amongst the gibberish in a set pattern that control the level and world number, the difficulty, the bonus level to go to and the level number displayed in the game panel.

It is difficult to explain how saved game files are created and read, but J1E (A Jazz level editor.) is capable of creating a standard saved game for any level.