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Level editing

Main level

The doors on the main level automatically load the level based on their order. Reading from left to right, top to bottom, the first door will load level 1, the second will load level 2, and so on. Do not place doors in any other levels or the game will (eventually) crash.


There are two switches in the game - one with a horizontal slider and one with a vertical one. The horizontal slider activates platforms and lasers, while the vertical one is a light switch - placing this in a level will cause it to start with the lights off.

For horizontal switches:

  • Switches are automatically linked up to a platform or a wall-mounted laser automatically, based on the order in the level (reading from left to right, from the top to the bottom.) The elements that can be controlled are, in order:
    1. All the wall-mounted lasers
    2. All the vertical platforms
    3. All the horizontal platforms
  • Looking at the tiles from left to right, top to bottom, the first switch encountered will control the first available group of elements (i.e. wall-mounted lasers, or if there are none, then vertical platforms, and so on.) The second switch will control the second group of elements. For example, if there are only lasers and horizontal platforms in a level, the first switch will control the lasers and the second will control the horizontal platforms. If there are only vertical and horizontal platforms in a level (no lasers) then the first switch will control the vertical platforms and the second will control the horizontal.
  • There are different sprites for switchable and always-on platforms and lasers, so make sure you use the right one or it will ignore the switch. In Camoto, a switchable version of the sprite is set by placing an "S" on top of it in the "Overlay" layer.
  • It is possible to place switchable platforms and lasers in a level without a corresponding switch. In this case the objects will always be switched off/stationary.
  • There is also an 'on' and 'off' version of the horizontal switch, so make sure you select the right one, otherwise it may work opposite to what is expected (the player must switch it off to turn something on.) It seems that the lasers start switched on, and the platforms start switched off. So the laser switch should be the 'on' version, while the platform switches should be the 'off' variant.