COL Format (Dark Legions)

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The palette files for Dark Legions are essentially VGA Palettes ("modern" version using the full 0-255 range of byte values) with the addition of an 8-byte header for verification. The header theoretically allows for palettes that define a number of colors other than 256, but Dark Legions never does this and all its .COL files are 776 bytes in length.


Offset Type Purpose
0x0000 UINT32LE File length (typically 776)
0x0004 UINT32LE "Magic number" signature, value should be 0xB123
0x0008 VGA Palette Color definitions, each 3 bytes R-G-B with full 0-255 value range

To verify a .COL file, in addition to checking the magic number, also ensure that the file length value matches the file's actual length (header included).