CC1 Format

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CC1 Format
Format typeArchive
Max filesUnknown
File Allocation Table (FAT)Beginning
Supports compression?Yes
Supports encryption?No
Supports subdirectories?No
Hidden data?Yes
Alpha Waves / Continuum

CC1 Format is a container of compressed data blocks used by several games developed (not only published) by Infogrames Europe SA around ~1988-1992, used to store game executables, graphics, language texts and sounds. The files usually have a .CC1 extension, though some variations like .1 and .C1 also occur. One game, Hostage: Rescue Mission, uses a .PXI extension.

The files have no specific identifiable information header to detect if the file is a CC1 file. Usually, the only hint is the file extension.

There is a variation of the CC1 format without the ability to contain multiple compressed blocks but just one, sometimes using the extension CC0

CC1 and CC0 using the same compression algorithm

Content of CC1

Data type Name Description
UINT16LE NrOfFiles Amount of compressed blocks.
UINT32LE[NrOfFiles] OffsetsTable Offsets to PackedBlocks.

This header is followed by PackedBlocks of compressed data. The blocks don't need to be in order and can contain gaps between

Content of CC0

A single PackedBlock

PackedBlock structure

Each block of compressed data has the following structure:

Data type Name Description
UINT32LE PackedSize Packed data size.
UINT32LE UnpackedSize Unpacked data size.
UINT8[PackedSize] PackedData The packed data.

There is no information inside the archive to determine what each block of compressed data is; the blocks have no names or other identifiable values.


very few CC1 files have some sort of file-dictionary at end (behind the last packed block)

games with dictionaries in CC1 files: Mystical, North & South, The-Light-Corridor, Shufflepuck Cafe, Cool Ball

Data type Name Description
UINT8[(Filecount*4)+6] Unknown header ordering and byte content unknown
UINT8[Filecount][84] Filename+unknown data the first n bytes are a filename then nulls and a unknown 4 bytes at end

Extensions in Known Games

Game Files Notes
Alone in the Dark *.CC1
Eternam *.CC1, *.CC! .CC! is in CC1 format
7 Colors *.CC1
Advantage Tennis *.CC1, *.DAT DAT files are in CC1 or CC0 format
Alpha Waves / Continuum *.CC1
The Light Corridor *.1, *.COR COR files are in CC1 or CC0 format
Mystical *.1, *.2 All in CC1 format
Tintin On The Moon TINTINC.1 CC1 format
North & South *.1, *.2 Most of the files are in CC0 format, some in CC1
Drakkhen *.CC1, *.?C1, *.?C0 ?C1 are in CC1 format, .?C0 are in CC0 format
Hostage: Rescue Mission *.PXI, *.PKB .PXI are CC1, .PKB are CC0
The Quest for the Time-Bird *.CC1, *.CC0
Neptune *.CC1
Full Metal Planet *.CC1, *.VC0 .VC0 are CC0
Murders in Space *.CC1
Safari Guns *.CC1, *.PXI .PXI are CC1
Wild Life *.CC1
Murders in Venice *.PXI
Cool Ball *.CC1, *.PX*
Shufflepuck Cafe *.CC1,*.CC0,*.PXI .PXI are CC1
Chicago 90 *.CC1
Fire! *.PIC .PIC are CC1
Disney's Beauty and the Beast *.CC1
Wild Life *.CC1
Extase *.BIN, *.EGA
Kult *.BIN, *.PXI
Teenage Queen *.PXI
Highway Patrol II *.DAT .DAT are CC1
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet (ES) *.CC1

Detailed file list of the games


The following tools are able to work with files in this format.

Name PlatformExtract files? Decompress on extract? Create new? Modify? Compress on insert? Access hidden data? Edit metadata? Notes
Uncompress tool for CC1/CC0 files Windows/LinuxYesYesNoNoNoNoN/A Standalone uncompress tool for CC1/CC0 files with C/C++ source code.