Alpha Waves

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Alpha Waves
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Alpha Waves aka Continuum - one of the first 3d platformer games from 1990

Frederick Raynal did the DOS port, the inital Ataris ST-Version of the game was created by Christophe de Dinechin

Obtaining the game

The full version of this game is available at



File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
MUSIC_A.CC1 ? Container with compressed Adlib music
MUSIC_B.CC1 ? Container with compressed PC Buz music
MUSIC_T.CC1 ? Container with compressed Tandy music
PROGS.CC1 sound TSRs and game executables for the different graphic card versions
 DOS-COM TSRs for Sound/Music:
   block[0] -> Pc buz/speaker
   block[1] -> Tandy
   block[2] -> Adlib
 DOS-EXEs: Game
   block[3] -> CGA/Hercules
   block[4] -> EGA/VGA
   block[5] -> Tandy
TSRs are started by the loader before game start, or else no sound/music is played, the game executables are for the different graphics versions
Container with compressed excutables
GRAPHS.CC1 ? Container with compressed graphics for the different graphic card versions
TEXTES.CC1 Lists of Strings, separated by CR+LF with 0x1A(EOF) at end, DOS 850 encoded Container with compressed multi language texts

CC1 Format is a container of compressed data blocks (used by several games of "Infogrames Europe SA")


  • The VGA mode uses 16-color graphics with the color palette adjusted.
  • its a small memory model program with one code-segment and one data segment
  • used compiler is Turbo C 2.x