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BattleStar is an asteroid-style game where instead of shooting asteroids, there is a single large BattleStar in the playing field which must be destroyed instead, while avoiding its fire.


The following tools are able to work with this game.

Name PlatformGroup/archives Levels Graphics Music Sounds Text Saves .exe patch Notes
Camoto Linux/WindowsNoNoNoEditNoNoNoNo

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
DATA.0 Plain text High scores
DATA.* (1 to 8) CH1? Graphics?
DATA.9 PCX Format 640×350 setup background
DATA.RSC RSC Format (BattleStar) Contains 1.DAT (the CMF Format BGM) and 2.DAT through to 8.DAT, 13.DAT and 18.DAT (VOC Format sound effects)