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ADL Format files are used in the Westwood Studios PC-DOS games to play sound through an adlib compatible sound card.

Each ADL file contains these blocks:

  1. Song indexes for the following pointer array
  2. Pointer array for sound/music tracks
  3. Pointer array for adlib instruments
  4. Tracks data
  5. Instruments data

Each pointer in array is relative to the size of primary indexes block.

Game Primary Indexes Track Pointers Instrument Pointers First Track Offset First Track Absolute Offset
EOB 120 (8-bit) 150 (16-bit) 150 (16-bit) 0x258 0x2D0
EOB 2 120 (8-bit) 250 (16-bit) 250 (16-bit) 0x3E8 0x460
Kyrandia 1 120 (8-bit) 250 (16-bit) 250 (16-bit) 0x3E8 0x460
Dune II 120 (8-bit) 250 (16-bit) 250 (16-bit) 0x3E8 0x460
Lands of Lore 1 250 (16-bit) 500 (16-bit) 500 (16-bit) 0x7D0 0x9C4
Kyrandia 2 250 (16-bit) 500 (16-bit) 500 (16-bit) 0x7D0 0x9C4