4x4 Off-Road Racing

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4x4 Off-Road Racing
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4x4 Off-Road Racing is a single-player truck racing game published by Epyx in 1988. The game gives you a budget and allows you to choose your own 4x4 truck, customize it, and purchase tools and parts for repairs. With your outfitted 4x4, you race along one of the game's four tracks and comically careen off the dangerously littered roads.

4x4 Off-Road Racing was originally released on the Commodore 64, and was ported to numerous platforms. The DOS port appears to miscalculate miles per gallon making it impossible to carry enough gas to finish a race.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
*.pcx 4x4 Off-Road Racing Full Screen Graphic Format Full-screen graphics
*.pcx 4x4 Off-Road Racing Graphic Format In-screen graphics
*.pcx 4x4 Off-Road Racing Sprite Format Sprite graphics
*.rd 4x4 Off-Road Racing Road Format Road maps
*.dat 4x4 Off-Road Racing High Score Format High score data
4x4.exe EXE Format Booter program
front.exe EXE Format Graphics adapter, title, map selection, street, auto body, garage program
road.exe EXE Format Driving program
repair.exe EXE Format Road-side repairs program
hallfame.exe EXE Format High score program


The table for the items you can buy in the Auto Mart are in this exe.

Descriptions start at offset 0xF3E, the actual values are at offset 0x1188.

Data type Name Description
UINT16LE cost The costs for all 15 items
UINT16LE weight The weights for all 15 items
UINT16LE volume The volume for 15 items

Truck descriptions start at offset 0x1996. Some of the truck data is found at offset 0x1912.

Data type Name Description
UINT16LE weight For each of the 4 trucks.
UINT16LE payload w/o cap For each of the 4 trucks.
UINT16LE gas tank size For each of the 4 trucks.
UINT16LE endurance For each of the 4 trucks.