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  • There is an undocumented "/TEST" parameter which will show the detected CPU speed as a number on the hardware detection screen. According to the source code, an 8MHz 286 gives a value of 5452, a 16MHz 386 is 17819, and a 33MHz 386 is 36392.


The following key combinations work while the game is being played.

Press F7 three times
Full health, all keys and temporary invincibility
Press Z three times
Replace the yellow high score number with a blue number representing the amount of free memory in bytes

Source release

The source code release has additional functions that were removed from the commercial release.

Press W three times
Print the keycode of keys as they are pressed
Press R and E
Record (R) and End Recording (E) of a demo macro
Press Ctrl + E on the main menu
Enter the level editor