Word Rescue Highscore Format

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Word Rescue Highscore Format
Format typeConfiguration

The Highscores for Word Rescue and Math Rescue are stored in the HIGH.WR? and HIGH.MR? files.

The files contain 10 entries in the the following format:

Type Description
BYTE[] Player's name, maximum of 9 bytes (up to 8 characters plus terminating 0)
INT32LE Player's score

Due to the variable length of the entries, there might be unused bytes at the end of the files, caused by replacing a name in the list with a shorter one. The files can be up to 130 bytes long and the games will never read more than 130 bytes from the file.

Another thing to remember is that the game expects the names in the file to be all different from each other. If a player enters the Highscores with a better score than he had before, his/her old score is replaced with the new score and the list is sorted afterwards.


This file format was reverse engineered by K1n9_Duk3. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)