Wacky Wheels Music and Sound Effects

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This page describes the files containing music and sound effects in Wacky Wheels.


Wacky Wheels store all of its music in two formats: AdLib KLM Format and MIDI Format. The MIDI files are played if you select “General MIDI” as your music device in setup.exe; the KLM files are used otherwise. To hear the MIDI files being played, you need to use a MIDI synthesizer (either in software or hardware).

Camoto has partial support for KLM files. There are many editors available for MIDI files.

There was one song written for Wacky Wheels that was not used or included in the game, named Everything. The MIDI version of this song is available at Phil’s Wacky Wheels Music page. That page also lists where in the game each music file is used.

Sound effects

Each sound effect in Wacky Wheels is stored in either one or three file formats. All sound effects are stored in VOC Format. Most sound effects are also stored as PC speaker sound effects and as AdLib sound effects.

Each of the 36 VOC format sound effects are stored in wacky.dat. There are 26 sound effects in each of the other two formats. These files are stored in audiot.fx, which is an AudioT Format file. The header for this file is stored in audiohed.fx Both audiot.fx and audiohed.fx are stored in wacky.dat. Phil has a rudimentary extractor for this file if you want it.

The PC speaker sound effects are used if you select “PC Speaker” as your Sound fx device in setup.exe. When selecting SoundBlaster, Sound Source or Gravis Ultrasound, the *.voc files are used. I was unable to test the Pro AudioSpectrum option. I don’t know if the AdLib sound effects are ever used.

When replacing *.voc files, the new file needs to be no longer in file size than the old file.

The tables below briefly describe each VOC file. The index listed is the index of the corresponding PC speaker file in audiot.fx. Files are numbered 0–25. The AdLib files have the same index and are found in the second section of audiot.fx.

File name Index Description
backfire.voc Unknown Noise when you start accelerating
belch.voc Unknown The Dopefish’s sound
bell.voc Unknown Last lap warning bell
blombo.voc Unknown Blombo’s sound
boom.voc Unknown Explosion in two-player shootout
clang.voc Unknown Clang
drop.voc Unknown Sound when dropping an item
flame.voc Unknown Sound when firing fireballs
gig1.voc Unknown Giggle key #1 sound
gig2.voc Unknown Giggle key #2 sound
gig3.voc Unknown Giggle key #3 sound
gig4.voc Unknown Giggle key #4 sound
gig5.voc Unknown Giggle keys #5 and 6, last lap devil
glass.voc Unknown Breaking glass
hog.voc Unknown Sound when firing hedgehogs or ice cubes
horn.voc Unknown Alarm when driving underwater
horn1.voc Unknown Horn when honking at other drivers
morris.voc Unknown Morris’s sound
File name Index Description
motor.voc Unknown Engine noise. Playback speed is shifted according to driving speed.
no.voc Unknown Out of ammo noise
pass.voc Unknown Noise when drivers pass you
peggles.voc Unknown Peggles’ sound
plip.voc Unknown
puf.voc Unknown Sound when a driver is hit
quack.voc Unknown Duck quack
razer.voc Unknown Razer’s sound
ringo.voc Unknown Ringo’s sound
skid.voc Unknown Tires skidding
splash.voc Unknown Splash
stall1.voc Unknown Stalled engine (from ice cube)
start.voc Unknown Lion’s roar
sultan.voc Unknown Sultan’s sound
swipe.voc Unknown Noise when hitting another driver
tigi.voc Unknown Tigi’s sound
uno.voc Unknown Uno’s sound
warp.voc Unknown Jump/turbo/Apogee splash screen