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Release date2016-04-16
Downloadofficial v1.0
source code
mirror v1.0
mirror v0.5

VinylEditor is a level editor for Vinyl Goddess From Mars written by Hisymak.

Feature list

  • Open/save maps directly from/to GODDESS.LBR file or import/export from/to a file
  • Read tilesets directly from GODDESS.LBR
  • Advanced map editing modes and features, allowing you make maps easily and fast:
    • Four editing modes: Basic Tile mode, Pattern mode, Block mode, Change tile type
    • Predefined Pattern and Block presets for basic tilesets
    • Ability to add your own presets
    • Undo&Redo feature
    • Copy&Paste feature (works also between different maps)
    • Resize map, Shift map feature
    • Auto-draw shadows feature
  • Full support for editing all special objects and events (walk-through doors, switches, locks...)
  • Editing of available object types and tile properties
  • Show/hide specific map layers, show grid feature
  • Minimap feature (providing schematic overview of the map)
  • Save map image feature
  • Simple statistics (number of objects, monsters, points etc. in a map)
  • Test map feature (game is directly launched in Dosbox)
  • Many keyboard shortcuts and special mouse actions for Ctrl/Shift key combinations