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New game-page style

Hi MartinVole - thanks for all the info you're adding to the wiki! Just a quick note - some of the pages you're creating are based on an older style, and I'm in the process of updating each game to use the new style. So if you're going to create any more game pages, it would be great if you could base them on the new style instead, so I don't have to update them later. Have a look at Halloween Harry for an example or copy/paste source. The main things are:

  • Updated infobox which makes it clear which parts of the game can be modded and which can't
  • List of tools that can be used to mod the game (if any)
  • Colour-coded list of files - red means the format is unknown, yellow means it's partially known or not yet documented on the wiki, and green means it is fully documented on the wiki.

This new style makes it a bit clearer whether a given game can be modded or not, and what any limitations are. Anyway, thanks again for all the new info! -- Malvineous 00:50, 9 September 2012 (GMT)

Thank you for the input! I can fix my entries, honestly, and save you the trouble. Plan to update them more anyways. I was not aware of a uniform format until now. Also, is IMG Format (Meen) alright? The only information lacking is on masking, which is specified in Delphi, a language I do not understand too well but working on for this purpose. Secondly, do raw sounds count as moddable? Many Category:Family Production titles use a mixed bag of formats including raw sounds. --MartinVole 02:00, 9 September 2012 (GMT)
Sounds good! IMG Format (Meen) is fine, as would be "I. M. Meen Image Format". Generally if the format is used by multiple games it would be named after the company (or the programmer, or game engine) rather than just one of the games, but it doesn't always work out like this. I do (now) try to avoid using file extensions as they are generally invented for a small number of games and are meaningless otherwise. Just as an aside, try to avoid using "= level 1 headings =" as they're reserved for the page title. == level 2 == should be used for the top-level headings. If you need help deciphering Delphi, feel free to post in the Modding subform on RGB Classic Games and we can all help out. If there are other unknowns or incomplete information, you can write {{TODO|some notes like this}} to flag it as still needing work, making it stand out a bit more. Raw sounds count as moddable, providing there is (1) a way of importing any changes back into the game files so the modified sound can be used, and (2) enough information is given on the wiki to open the sound in an audio editor capable of handling raw files, e.g. sample rate, sample size, number of channels, and compression (e.g. a-law, u-law, PCM (uncompressed), etc.) A typical example might be something like "*.raw - sound, no header, 22050Hz unsigned 8-bit mono PCM". -- Malvineous 05:53, 9 September 2012 (GMT)