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UK based computer programmer since 1982.

Currently researching the 1993 game 'Fury of the Furries' published by Kalisto.

Also black-box testing Yamaha OPL synthesizers with a view to a clock-by-clock perfect description of the chip behaviour (as featured in Ad-lib compatible sound cards)

likes: DOS, Assembler, nachos

hates: Windows 8.1, Visual Basic, shellfish

Updated 2023: Still researching 'Fury of the Furries' currently working on a level editor

July 2023: I think I've reached a milestone. With the release of version 0.4.0 of the toolset, it's now practical to actually mod the game, producing new levels. My next target is a series of experiments to prove and refine the fine detail of the game data, possible even to fill in some of the remaining holes in the knowledge.