Treasure Mountain

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Treasure Mountain
Treasure Mountain.png
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Treasure Mountain is a game that uses word play in the form of "clues", to help teach reading comprehension. The player must correctly answer a question after reading a passage of text in order to continue to the next level.

There are no game settings, the engine automatically selects the best possible settings based on your computer's architecture.

File formats

This section lists the file formats used in the game.

Filename Format Details
all_puzs Treasure Mountain Puzzles Word puzzles
help.dat Help menu text
prg_dict Word list (16-char null-padded fixed length strings) Sound effects (PC Speaker, AdLib setting uses PC Speaker for sound effects)
sfx.tan Sound effects (Tandy) Music (PC Speaker)
tunes.tan Music (Tandy, AdLib)
*.pan Treasure Mountain Panning Image Format Level background layer
*.pak PAK Format (The Learning Company) Game sprites and level tiles.
users.dat Treasure Mountain Save File Saved games/scoreboard

Texts (preliminary)

Introductory screens

They are stored in SST.EXE starting at 0x1AAA8, text is plotted and when 26 chars are filled it goes to next line. When the parser encounters the value 0x0A09, the next two bytes form an ASCII number which seems to be the reference of the image being shown and whenever this value is encountered, the system starts a new line to draw the image. The text is null-terminated (0x00). If 0x0A precedes 0x00 apparently it is the last screen of the sequence.