The Settlers II

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The Settlers II
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The Settlers II is a game made by German BlueByte GmbH and it was released in 1996. Mission CD with a map editor was released a few months later and finally a more complete Gold Edition in 1997.

Versions of the game

There are a few versions of the game available out in the wild in various European languages. Most easily you can find English and German versions.

Version Language Type CD-ROMs Description
v0.15 German Beta PC Joker 5-6/96 Die Siedler II: Erste demo (first demo)
v0.16 German Beta PC Action 05/96
CD-ROM Spiele 07/96
Bestseller Games Gold #06
CD-ROM Magazin 05/96
PC Games 05/96
PC Player 05/96
PC Player SH 01/97 (Strat.)
PC Power 05/96
PC Spiel 05/96
PC Spiel Special 03/96
Power Play 05/96
Power Play 13/96
Fun Online 07/96
Die Siedler II: Erste demo (first demo)
v1.01 English Demo PC Gamer #2.08
Generation 4 #090
The Settler II: Veni Vidi Vici, demo including intro video (50 MiB)
v1.01 English Demo CD Action #03 The Settler II: Veni Vidi Vici, another variant of 1.01 (30MiB)
v1.02 English Demo Cyber Stratege #01
PC-X #01
Score #30
Gambler #01
Secret Service #37
The Games Machine #017
The Settlers II: Veni Vici Vici, demo without intro video (3.5 MiB)
v1.02 French Demo Joystick #074 The Settlers II: Veni Vici Vici
v1.02 Polish Demo CD Action #30
Gambler #23
The Settlers II: Veni Vici Vici
v1.02 English CD release The Settlers II: Veni Vidi Vici
v1.51 English Demo The Games Machine #024
CD Magazyn 05/97 B
PC-X #08
PC Gamer Po Polsku 04/97
The Settlers II: Mission CD
v1.51 German Demo Fun Online #4/97 The Settlers II: Mission CD
v1.51 English Demo CD Magazyn 05/97 B
Secret Service #45
The Settlers II: Gold Edition (has less files than Mission CD; has some files that do not exist in Mission CD)
v1.51 English & German Update The Settlers II: Veni Vidi Vici / Die Siedler II: Veni Vidi Vici update to v1.51; no map editor
v1.51 German Update Die Siedler II: Mission Disk; full version of map editor included

Biggest difference between versions can be found in the map file format: before v1.51 the map data files are divided to multiple files, while in v1.51 a new map file format was introduced to make sharing of map editor files easier.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
*.wld or *.swd WLD/SWD Format Map file / level
*.lst Settlers II archive Palette, sprites, icons, fonts, sound
*.dat + *.idx (+ *.fnt) Settlers II archive Sprites, icons, fonts
*.bob Settlers II sprites Carriers and jobs; all moving characters of the game
*.rtx Settlers II mission script Background music
*.eng or *.ger Settlers II text Ingame strings
MASKS/MASKS000.DAT Custom Very small file
*.rtx Settlers II mission script Sets players, resources, available houses, scripting, story progression
SNG_00##.DAT IFF XMidi Background music
CONTI###.DAT Settlers II area index table Index for areas (land and water)
WORLD###.DAT Settlers II map data Container for 14 blocks of various map data
GOU#.DAT or GOURAUD#.DAT Custom Color brightness map for gouraud shading (256 x 256 UInt8 table)
*.bbm LBM Format (compressed PBM) Terrain palettes
*.lbm LBM Format (compressed PBM) Full screen graphics or textures
DIR.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
MISSION.DAT Text file 1 for available mission, 0 for unavailable mission
RES.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
CNTRL###.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
COMPY###.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
DESKT###.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
MAILS###.DAT Custom Savegame sent mail data
TRANS###.DAT Custom Savegame transportation data

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