The Incredible Machine

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The Incredible Machine
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File formats

This section lists the file formats used in the game.

Resource file format

See TIM Resource Format. Resource sub-files are stored in files named RESOURCE.00?. The Incredible Machine has four such files: RESOURCE.001-.004. (However, the demo versions of both The Incredible Machine and The Even More Incredible Machine has only one. ! Add information for The Even More Incredible Machine.) The RESOURCE.MAP file contains the offsets for the sub-files.

Files inside the RESOURCE.00? archive files

File name or extension Description
*.BMP 16-color images. See The Incredible Machine Image Format.
MEMOFNT8.FNT 1BPP font, Dynamix Font Format v4.
Title screen and credits animation. This is a variant of the level format.
! TODO: Add information
*.PAL VGA palettes. Similar to the palette format of Stellar 7.
*.SCR Full-screen image (640x480x16 color). See RES Format (Stellar 7).
TIM.SX Sound and music. ! TODO: Add information
L*.TIM Level/puzzle files
PASSWORD.TXT Plain text file. Contains passwords for each level.

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