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Text Infobox
Format typeText
Text purposeUnknown
Line endingsUnknown
Character setUnknown

This template is used to display an information box containing details about a map format. See GMF Format (Halloween Harry) for example use.

Valid parameters and examples are:

Parameter/example Purpose Valid values
Type = Value Purpose of text One of:
  • Control (directing game elements, scripting, etc.)
  • Help
  • Story
  • UI
(add new types to this page as required)
Lines = Value What characters are used to signify the end of each line One of:
  • CR
  • CRLF
  • LF
  • None
(add new types to this page as required)
Charset = ASCII Character set Valid character set. ASCII means only the lower 127 characters are used. Standard Western DOS is Code page 437.
Games = {{Game|GameName}} {{Game|GameName}} Name of all games that use this format Any wiki page name, as a parameter to the Game template

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted, so do not use any parameters unless the value is known (most of the defaults say "unknown")