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Game Infobox
There is no image of this game's title screen — upload one!
There is no image of a modified version of this game — upload one!

This template is used to display an information box containing details about a game and whether it can be modded. See Dangerous Dave for example use.

Valid parameters and examples are:

Parameter/example Purpose Valid values
Title = Title.png Image showing the game's title screen Use the default name wherever possible (i.e. do not use this option unless you have to)
Modded = Modded.png Image showing a modded version of this game, preferably with few enough changes that it is still recognisable Use the default name wherever possible (i.e. do not use this option unless you have to)
Levels = Value Can the levels be edited? One of:
  • Edit (yes, editing is possible)
  • Some (partial editing is possible)
  • No (cannot be edited)
  • None (game does not have this resource type)
Tiles = Value Can the level tiles be edited?
Sprites = Value Can the game actor images be edited?
Fullscreen = Value Can the full-screen images/backdrops be edited?
Sound = Value Can the sounds be changed?
Music = Value Can the background music be replaced?
Text = Value Can the game's texts be changed? (intro/story/menu/etc.)
Story = Value Can the story/cutscenes be edited?
Interface = Value Can the menu items, key assignments, and other parts of the user interface be edited? (apart from graphics and text covered by other options)
Demo = Value Can the demos be changed/re-recorded? (e.g. so they can play a custom level)
Platform = Value Optional platform. Omit for DOS. The wiki is mostly focused on DOS games, so it is preferred that games for other platforms only be added if there are few other sources of information elsewhere online. One of:
  • DOS (default if omitted)
  • Windows 3.x
  • Windows 95 (includes Win98/ME)
Platforms not on this list are not eligible for inclusion on this wiki.

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted, so do not use any parameters unless the value is known (most of the defaults say "unknown")