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Hey there, does anyone know where I (Levellass) can get this game? The .lzs format it a variety of LZW compression used a lot in Japan and if this is the same, extraction could be quite easy. But I'll need the game files to test this.

You didn't look really hard, did you? A link is right there on the SkyRoads main page in this wiki. Calvero 21:02, 22 November 2009 (GMT)
Thanks! I figured it was still under copyright. When I have the time I'll look into it. It seems to be LZW compressed data, but probably not the standard LZS format.
I've looked into the World?.lzs files recently, and they appear to be IFF/ILBM images, since they have a CMAP header. Further on is a PICT header, of which I could find no info. I've been trying to contact Bluemoon to see if they can help with the format, but their inbox appears to be full :( -- Sander 15:17, 23 November 2009 (GMT)