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Just a couple of notes to help out:

  • The plain-text strings you have spotted in the second unknown block are in "Pascal format" (because the game was written in Turbo Pascal.) The first byte is the length of the string. This is the same string format that the filenames are stored in, in the .-0 files.
  • Don't be too worried about copyright, the game as been released as freeware and no company really cares about modding these games any more. However do bear in mind this isn't a blog so it would be better not to post screenshots about modding programs until they are completed! But if you want to post screenshots and get some feedback, it would be very welcome on the 3DRealms forums.
  • You say you are not sure what the first unknown block is for - whether the 0/1 values are for solid tiles or something else. I tried changing this entire block to 0x00 bytes and putting it back into MAPS.-0 and when I loaded M1Z1 I could not fly up out of the first room - the tiles to fly through were solid. I then tried again changing all the values to 0x01 and it was like playing the game with no-clipping, I could fly through everything. Even the zombies were falling through the level and off the bottom! Interestingly when I flew off the side of the first level I ended up in the second level, though without any enemies. Flying further seemed to loop back to the first level. Flying off the top or bottom resulted in gibberish tiles. I will update the article page with this discovery.
Thanks for the additional info. I'd originally thought the string-length bytes were off by 1 in some files, which is why I thought something weird was going on there. Good find on the 0/1 values! With the compressed files I was working with, I had no way to edit the original game map files... now I'm working with the uncompressed version which should make things easier. Thanks again for the help! I'm working on a level-viewer this weekend and hope to have something to show on the forums pretty soon. -- Duckthing 07:11, 11 December 2010 (GMT)

Slopes ?

The game certainly has slopes, so clipping data cannot be simply 1 and 0. My guess (based on the third point of the diskussion starter) is, that clipping data is somethere else, and the tileflag block is for overwriting it for just one level (used for secret passages (or hologram walls, how Diane calls it)). the value might be an index into the unknown block. As the CHR Format seems to not have any metadata, the clipping might be hardcoded (do the Tilesets match in the order of tile types ?). --Garg (talk) 10:46, 12 October 2019 (UTC)