TXB Encryption

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TXB ist an encrypted text format, used for several files in Descent. It is a simple bytewise substitution chiffre, but uses Linux-style Line Feeds (LF instead of CRLF).


  • CR (0x0D) is discarded
  • LF (0x0A) is unchanged
  • Other characters are rotated right by 2, and then XORed with 0xE9


  • LF (0x0A) is converted to CRLF (0x0D,0x0A)
  • Other characters are XORed with 0xE9, and the rotated left by 2. (alternative: rotated left by 2 and then XOR with 0xA7)


TXB is used by Descent Briefings and Descent Exit Cutscenes. Both are text formats, that are encrypted as *.TXB. It is also possible to use unencrypted files, if they have the extension *.TEX