Swords of Glass

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Swords of Glass
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Swords of Glass is a two-player 3D dungeon crawler RPG written in Pascal.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
CNames.dat Swords of Glass names format Names of items.
Swords of Glass graphic format Graphics of objects in dungeon.
Fortunes.dat Swords of Glass fortune format Fortunes told by statues.
Info.dat Swords of Glass info format Information about items.
Messages.dat Swords of Glass message format Dungeon messages.
Mons.dat Swords of Glass monster format Monster stats.
Panels.dat Unknown Unknown. Appears to be flags. Data is only 1 or 0.
People.dat Swords of Glass people format Player stats.
Puzzle.dat Swords of Glass puzzle format The text of the puzzles found in the dungeons.
Swords.* Unknown Executables.
Test.dat Swords of Glass map format Dungeon maps.
Vault.dat Swords of Glass vault format The items saved in the vault.

The wall graphics appear to be stored in the executable.