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Street Rod
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Street Rod is a racing video game developed by P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group and Logical Design Works, based on an original concept by Magic Partners. It was published by California Dreams for Amiga, Commodore 64 and DOS.

File formats

File name Description
HOT_DATA Contains data about cars and opponents


C.G.A. archive


E.G.A. archive

Street Rod LIB (library) files are composed of a header that includes the F.A.T. (file allocation table) followed by the files ( graphics are in plane mode ) with R.L.E. (run-lenght encoding) of 0x00 and 0xFF, each "compressed/encrypted" with a "dictionary".

The first two bytes (magic numbers) are used for file type checking.

The F.A.T. includes 30 bytes for each file: 2 bytes for width, 2 bytes for height, 3 bytes for palette, the next 16 bytes are the "dictionary" that contain the values that will be written as 0x00 or 0xFF certain number of times, then 4 bytes with the offset of the start of the file, then 3 bytes with the lenght of the file, these last two entries have an algorithm to get the correct value, different for each LIB file.

The template of the replacing that will be done by each "dictionary" is located in the data segment of the exe file at offset 0x45b1e (285,470) and is the following:



In the first line are the number of times that the value on the second line will be written to memory.

The images of the cars have a binary transparency masking plane.

Obtaining the game

All available versions of this game can be obtained on Street Rod Online for free.