Stellar 7

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Stellar 7
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Stellar 7 was released in the 1980s for various platforms ending with a PC version in 1990.

File formats

This section lists the file formats used in the game.

  • RES Format - group files storing most of the game data


The PC version appears to have been compiled with a Microsoft C compiler. Much of the data is stored in bundled .RES files but a decent amount is also hard-coded in the packed executable. Some of the data in the external files is also compressed using an LZW algorithm.


The PC executable is compressed using LZEXE version 0x91. Here is some sample code which appears to successfully decompress it.

RES game data

There are 29 files in the PC version using the RES format.

Filename Description
STELLAR.RES Video/Audio (drivers?), probably the game intro song, fonts (editable with the Westwood Font Editor after extraction), and others.
COCKPIT.RES Cockpit graphics and sound effects, mission briefing text, and others.
DRAXON.RES A single SNG: media entry.
VOICE.RES Contains some SNG: media entries.
LEVEL#.RES There are seven level files where # is 1-7. These files contain background images in VGA and EGA/CGA, a sound entry, and what appears to be a table of level data.

The rest of the files come in two versions, a VGA version and an EGA/CGA version. The easy-to-spot difference between them is the EGA files have a letter E after them. The files are:

Filename Description
STELART.RES / STELARTE.RES Art files with palette info necessary to parse images from anywhere else.
SCENEx.RES / SCENExE.RES Sixteen "scene" files, eight each where x is one of A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, D, or E.

Other Files

  • RESOURCE.CFG contains the current configuration set by INSTALL.COM. The first byte is the selected video mode (monochrome CGA up to 256-colour VGA) and the second byte is the selected sound card.