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Slordax is a shoot-em-up arcade game released by Softdisk. The point of the game is to destroy a race of ancient and vicious aliens, the Slordax, while travelling around their home planet, deep space, and an asteroid field. When all the Slordax have been defeated, the game will start again at double the speed, and so on.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.

Filename Format Details
! ? B800 Text Game exit text screens.
level*.slo Commander Keen 1-3 Level format Game levels, the levels have no offscreen borders and are the fixed size of 20x300 tiles.
! ? Commander Keen EGA Header EGA header is used to read graphics files
! ? Keen 1-3 Tileinfo format Information about the properties of tiles may stored internally in the executable, the external file TILEINFO.SLO contains a word giving the number of tiles in the tileset.
scores.slo Dave Score format High scores
sounds.slo Inverse Frequency Sound format Sound effects; stored internally
ega*.slo Full-screen planar EGA Most graphics; non-compressed. Notably ENDEGA.SLO is a fullscreen image 320x200, 32'768B in size.
slordax.exe Slordax Executable Compressed using LZW compression. Decompress with UNLZEXE. EXE contains game text.


While the game engine is totally unrelated to that of Commander Keen 1-3 the graphics formats are identical, though Keen uses more compression (Slordax was small enough to fit on a single disk 'as-is').

The player's ship bears a resemblance to Commander Keen's.

Slordax levels contain tiles that can be shot, an interesting innovation for Softdisk at the time.