SkyRoads Image Format

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SkyRoads Image Format
There is no example of an image in this format — upload one!
Format typeImage
Colour depth8-bit (VGA)
Minimum size (pixels)0×0
Maximum size (pixels)65535×65535
Plane count1
Transparent pixels?No
Hitmap pixels?No

The SkyRoads Image Format is used by SkyRoads to store various game graphics. The image data is compressed, but the headers are not.

File format

Image files begin with this header.

Data type Name Description
char[4] palSig Always "CMAP"
UINT8 palCount Number of palette entries
UINT8[palCount * 3] palData RGB palette data
UINT8[palCount * 2] unkData ! Additional unknown palette-related data
! Sometimes there is a padding byte or two here?
char[4] picSig Always "PICT"
UINT16LE unknown Always 0
UINT16LE height Height of the image, in pixels
UINT16LE width Width of the image, in pixels

The compressed image data follows. After decompression with the SkyRoads compression algorithm, the data is 8bpp raw VGA data, one byte per pixel.


This file format was reverse engineered by Malvineous. If you find this information helpful in a project you're working on, please give credit where credit is due. (A link back to this wiki would be nice too!)